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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Philip is responsibility for safety at board level for Remstone Construction.

In order to maintain a first class Health and Safety record and to maintain a full knowledge of new and changing legislation we employ the services on a retained basis of Courtley Health and Safety, based in Knowsley. They perform a service of in-house safety officer, guiding and monitoring our works on site, and ensuring our safety measures are reasonably practicable for the project we are delivering. Further details on Courtley can be found at www.courtley.com

PrintConstructionline, is the default approval channel for public procurement and monitors the performance of companies for health and safety performance and financial stability.

SMASSMAS (SSIP) our SSIP accreditation body is SMAS (Safety Management Assessment Specialists)  this accreditation is for Health and Safety

A key aim of the SSIP Forum is to reduce the burden and cost of H&S bureaucracy across the construction industry and as part of this, our SMAS Worksafe certificate is recognised by all SSIP members, public sector procurement bodies as a sign of Health and Safety competence and organisation www.ssip.org.uk.